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Tom Grosko


Tom Grosko assumed the role as of President of Smelter Service Corporation in March 2011. Tom, along with Jim Barrier, Chairman and CEO of Smelter Service Corporation, works with SSCís Leadership Team to lead the company in its journey to be the best aluminum recycler for the world and to assure that SSCís structure, people, systems and communication are continuously improved. He leads all functional team leaders to achieve excellence in sales, marketing and customer service, operations, finance and information technology, and cultural development. Tom also sits on the Smelter Service Corporation Board of Directors.

Prior joining Smelter Service, Tom spent 16 years with a multi-national iron and steel casting business that serves the cement, mining, rock crushing and coal power industries. As General Manager of the United States facility and lean leader for the United States, Canadian, Mexican, and Spanish operations, Tom had many successes in leading high-achieving teams. Before that, Tom was a foundry metallurgist for eight years with the Saturn subsidiary of General Motors.

Tomís education consists of a MS degree from Vanderbilt University in Material Science where he investigated high cycle fatigue properties of lost foam aluminum alloys for his thesis. His bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering was obtained from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now known as Missouri University of Science and Technology).

Tom, his wife and two teenage daughters have resided in Columbia, Tennessee, for 15 years.