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Jim Barrier

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Smelter Service Corporation

As Chairman of the Board of Smelter Service Corporation, Jim Barrier is responsible for leading the board in the governance of the company, particularly in working with SSC attorneys to assure SSC is in compliance with corporate law and with SSCís President and Vice President of Finance on assuring compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.

As Chief Executive Officer of Smelter Service Corporation, Jimís responsibilities include leading and working with the companyís President to assure SSCís expectations and parameters are understood in meeting the companyís vision, mission and values. Jimís CEO responsibilities include working with SSCís President and Vice President of Finance on financial institution relationships and working on a succession planning system with President, VP Finance and HR Leader to continually improve SSCís executive compensation system to assure SSC is competitive in hiring competent executives. As a member of SSCís Leadership Team, Jim works with the team as needed on assessment of results.

Smelter Service Corporation is greatly involved in its community, and as founder and president of the Kids on Stage (KOS) Foundation of Maury County, Jim works with the KOS Director to lead the vision, mission and values. As a board member of the Community Development Corporation, he works with community leaders to take the community and economic development to a high level.

Prior to co-founding Smelter Service Corporation in 1978, Jim worked for B. F. Goodrich Company and American Recycling Company. In 1999, Jimís partner and co-founder of SSC retired, and Jim became SSCís sole owner. Over the years the company has progressed from principal line and staff management to team-based leadership.

Jim was born and raised in Savannah, Tennessee, and after high school graduation, he joined the Navy. During his four year stretch, he completed two years of college in San Diego, CA. After his discharge, he received a Bachelor of Science in Business & Marketing from Middle Tennessee State University where he was a Kappa Alpha.

When asked how he would define leadership, Jim said: ďIt is complex. Leadership is a result of being open and honest and of developing a true team based on being very consistent with who you are. Itís a day-in and day-out process of having sound principles of integrity and honesty and living the values of Smelter Service Corporation.Ē