Specializing in Aluminum Recycling

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Since 1978, Smelter Service Corporation has been providing our customers with the highest quality recycled aluminum in the industry.SSC, headquartered in the community of Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, has built its reputation on the small town values of excellent quality and superb service, all delivered at a competitive price. We have also been in the forefront of companies that care about the preservation of our environment.

After an initial ten years of growth, SSC developed a "Vision for the Future" in 1988. We looked at our beginnings, our position in the industry at that time and where we wanted to be in the next decade. Based on that vision, we completely rebuilt our Mt. Pleasant plant with extensive investments in new technology that would protect the environment as well as increase our productivity and product quality.

Over the years, SSC has continued to improve its aluminum recycling process with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. This technology, combined with our carefully trained and capable workforce, has enabled us to achieve the highest recovery rates in the industry. All this has been possible while using less energy in the processing of each unit of recyclable material.

SSC is committed to achieving the highest recognition by our peers and customers for total product value. Through an internal goal-setting and vision-setting program, we will be a single corporate team dedicated to providing a top quality product with superlative service - at an absolutely competitive price.

Smelter Service Corporation also takes seriously our responsibility for environmental protection and believes we should play a proactive role in addressing the challenges facing the environment. To see Smelter Service’s environmental policy, please click here.